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Paulding County Lawyers

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Paulding County Lawyers 

Paulding County Criminal Defense and Family Law

We understand that finding a Paulding County lawyer is easy to do, but finding a lawyer in Paulding County that is willing to make your case a priority and also share the same concerns with the result you are seeking is difficult. Our focus and mission involves using a client-centered approach where our Paulding County Defense and Family law clients are given personalized and individualized attention to their court case in the Paulding County area of Georgia.
We focus on integrated legal solutions to Paulding County criminal defense and Paulding County family law. Whether you are being charged with a felony in Paulding County, misdemeanor, DUI, or even facing a divorce in Paulding County, we are prepared to handle it. Our Paulding County legal services include, but are not limited to, the following practice areas:

Paulding County Criminal Defense Attorney

In Paulding County, Laffitte Law Group’s criminal defense practice focuses on Paulding County felonies, Paulding County misdemeanors, Paulding County DUI charges, Paulding County traffic violations, and Paulding County juvenile cases. Being faced with the stress of defending yourself against any criminal charge in Paulding County can be stressful, intense, and emotionally draining. When you are defending yourself against a Paulding County criminal charge, you are protecting your reputation, future, and possibly your freedom.

Paulding County Traffic Violation

Paulding County traffic violations can easily alter your future whether you are facing a high fine or a suspended license. This can occur as a result of an accumulation of points or the violation itself. In Georgia, a no insurance violation can result in your license being suspended. If you have a commercial driver’s license, you are also at risk of losing your employment. When faced with a traffic violation in Paulding County, contact us at Laffitte Law Group where we can help protect your rights to drive.

Paulding County DUI Charges

At Laffitte Law Group, we serve to represent people in Paulding County that are charged with driving under the influence in Paulding County and the surrounding areas. If you are convicted of a DUI in Paulding County, you will be faced with a mandatory minimum sentence that will result in the loss of your ability to drive. Let us evaluate your case and offer you experienced legal help with your DUI charges in Paulding County.

Paulding County Felony Attorney

A Paulding County felony conviction carries a minimum sentence of one year in jail. Having a felony on your record can prohibit you from becoming gainfully employed. Having too many felonies can subject you to becoming a habitual violator. If you are charged with a felony in Paulding County, contact us so that we can evaluate your case.

Paulding County Family Law Attorney

All matters of family law can be life changing and having an experienced attorney who understands your concerns is a necessity. In Paulding County, whether you are seeking a divorce, child support, custody, alimony, or legitimation, we are here to guide you through the process. We are a full service Paulding County family law firm that provides professional service and will fight for our clients until their issues have been resolved.

Paulding County Child Custody Attorney

Issues of child custody in Paulding County can be a traumatic experience for the parents, and especially the children. Laffitte Law Group has the experience and knowledge to help you through the issues associated with custody battles. Contact us for a free consultation about your child custody case in Paulding County with our child custody attorney.

Paulding County Divorce Attorney

Getting a divorce in Paulding County can be difficult depending on whether your case is contested or uncontested. An uncontested divorce is when both parties agree on all the issues and is the simplest way to obtain a divorce. A contested divorce usually involves high levels of conflict because the parties may be in disagreement as to division of assets, custody, child support, and at times, one party may not want a divorce at all. Contact us for a free consultation and we will help evaluate your Paulding County divorce.

Paulding County Child Support Attorney

Georgia law requires both parents to provide care to the child. Child support is governed by guidelines that take into account the income of both parties. Other factors may include the arrangement of custody, the number of children involved in the child support case, and other expenses incurred by the custodial parent. If you are looking to establish an order for support, petition for contempt, or modify a current order in Paulding County, contact us so that we can help you through the process.

Paulding County Legitimation Attorney

Legitimation is a way for a father to claim legal parentage of a child “born out of wedlock.” It also gives the father the right to inherit from the child, and the right to petition the court for custody or visitation. Without legitimation, only the mother of a child born out of wedlock has any custody rights. Contact us today for help and guidance with your Paulding County legitimation case.

Paulding County Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

A married couple in Paulding County may decide to terminate their marriage through an uncontested divorce in Paulding County for multiple reasons.  The benefits and good things from an uncontested divorce in Paulding County is that you will end up saving more money having an uncontested divorce in Paulding County due to less Paulding County lawyer fees.  Ending a marriage this way in Paulding County is generally a friendlier approach, definitely if children are involved in the divorce process.  A Paulding County uncontested divorce means reaching an agreement with parental responsibility and time sharing with less stress for them and for their children.  An uncontested divorce in Paulding County also means property division and debt works easier without the needs for divorce litigation in Paulding County.  Plus the Paulding County uncontested divorce process moves quicker.

Paulding County Mediation Lawyer

Paulding County mediation and having an Paulding County mediation lawyer is the process in which a third party that is consider to be neutral intervenes between two conflicting parties in Paulding County to help promote reconciliation, settlement, and or compromise.  An Paulding County mediation is an effective tool and approach for resolving almost all civil disputes in Paulding County.  Paulding County mediation provides disputing parties that argue the opportunity to identify and cope with about the issues with a mediator in Paulding County. A mediation lawyer in Paulding County usually speeds the process quicker than if it were to go to trial.  Common uses of hiring an Paulding County mediation lawyer, Paulding County divorce settlements, Paulding County child custody agreements, Paulding County child support agreements, Paulding County restraining orders, Paulding County alimony, Paulding County Landlord and tenant conflicts, Paulding County employment issues, and Paulding County contractual arguments.

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